PA Gov Corbett's ACA Refusal Is Denying Veterans Health Care

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's refusal to adopt Medicaid Expansion under the ACA is denying Pennsylvania veterans access to needed health care.  

An estimated 500-600,000 residents of Pennsylvania would be covered if Corbett accepted the federal grant to fully fund the expansion for the next two years (and substantially fund it thereafter). This Memorial Day we should focus on how conservative ideology is costing people – and specifically, our veterans – their lives.

We've already see the awful effects of sequestration cuts on the VA and how that agency is failing veterans. Republicans and many Democrats were all too eager to go to war over lies, but then refused to allocate the funds to properly treat our wounded and ill veterans after they came back home.

An easy solution is to expand Medicaid to those vets too poor to pay for their own insurance. Corbett continues to have the authority to do so but refuses out of ideological purity. In this one regard especially, Governor Corbett is not what he professes to be – "pro-life."

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