Milwaukee Police Officers Refuse ID Request Before Turning Camera on Reporters

Several Milwaukee police officers were captured again on video refusing to identify themselves as required by police rules. In response to questions about their identity, one officer turned a video camera on the reporter and protesters asking for the information. 

The problem has been a running one as community activists try to bring attention to a a pair of deaths they blame on Milwaukee police brutality. As we reported from last Sunday's march, some Milwaukee Police Department officers have been covering their badge numbers and refusing to identify themselves. At a march on Friday, the same behavior was displayed at the police administration building, though it appeared that some officers had electrical tape not actually covering an identification number. As seen in the video, many officers are wearing an MPD windbreaker style jacket. Some officers who are wearing this style jacket, who do not have electrical tape on their coats, do not have identification numbers on the front of their coat. Two officers with the same style coat, have large pieces of tape placed where an identification number typically would be on their uniform. 

The ID badge is hard to see in the video since it is a dark badge on the officer's righthand side. A metal badge is on the officers lefthand side but does not have an ID number or name. In the past, police have said the black tape honors other officers killed in the line of duty. Regardless of the motivation for officers to cover existent or non-existent identification on their uniform, it is still against Milwaukee Police Department rules and regulations rule 4, section 255.00 to not identify themselves to members of the public when asked. 


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