Prerequisite for Florida's Gubernatorial Race —A Strong Dose of Sodium Pentothal

Jeff Parker / Florida Today, Cagle CartoonsThe planets really need to line up for the left and right to agree on much in politics.  In Florida, Republican Governor Rick Scott is running for re-election in 2014, with the most embarrassing poll numbers in memory.  At least one of his challengers on the Democratic side is probably going to be former Governor Charlie Crist, who just ducked a law suit testimony bullet in the Greer case in Florida.  The right is furious with Scott and the left is furious with Crist—why, same reason—lying and flip flopping on what they really believe.  Solution:  require the candidates take a lie detector test preceded by a strong dose of sodium pentothal before the start of the campaign.


Scott—as a former health care executive, Scott vehemently opposed Obama Care and the expansion of Medicaid.  He cut public education at every level, favoring vouchers for private schools.  He led the fight to terminate positions and eliminate benefits for state workers.

Crist—He used dramatic props to say he favored controlled drilling for oil off of Florida’s shores.  He said he was a ‘Ronald Reagan Republican,’ opposing abortion and favoring restricted immigration.  He said he favored SB 6 in Florida providing education funding be tied to test scores.

Result—today, both have reversed their positions entirely on the above issues and many more, citing the following reasons:

--I was always troubled and torn with that earlier position.

--The feds have changed the ground rules, so I am changing my position.

--I have worked at some of these jobs, and now I realize that these people have needs.

--This stuff is really complicated.

--It is a mere coincidence that I am now running to become your Governor again.

Both have had serious problems with the law—Scott being grilled by the U.S. Justice Department for fraud and Crist the subject of numerous law suits over his tenure in office.

So, if both are so understanding and convinced now of their positions and ready to take back the reigns of Florida government, they should surely not object to Floridians demanding the truth.  A simple lie detector test, preceded by an overflow dose of sodium pentothal would go a long way to clearing them as truthful candidates.  After all, those who administer laws of truth should also tell the truth.

Robert W. McKnight is a former Florida Senator and Representative. He has written two books on Florida politics and provides political commentary on television, The Huffington Post, The Contributor, and Florida media. His Blog is

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