TX Congressman Won't Say President Obama Was Legitimately Elected

In a moment to make his district proud, Congressman Blake Farenthold went on Hardball this past Friday and refused to admit that President Obama was legitimately elected President. The congressman originally went on the program to discuss Senator Ted Cruz and the backlash the Senator has received within his own party on his methods to attempt to defund Obamacare (the Senate has a rule book, somewhere).

When asked about Senator Cruz's ambitions to be President Chris Matthews brought up the issue of Ted Cruz's Canadian citizenship.

See what Congressman "Ducky PJs" had to say about the eligibility of Ted Cruz to be President.
Congressman Farenthold told Chris Matthews, "[if] Obama's President, Ted Cruz can be President."

This raised a few eyebrows. Matthews continued to question the congressman asking what he meant by that claim. Apparently the implications were that President Obama was not legitimately elected because the President was born in Kenya, and not Hawaii, like some conspiracy theorists believe.

Farenthold also mentioned that he was not in the office when Congress reported the electoral votes, so it was not "up to him" to decide the President's legitimacy at the time he was elected.


Matthews continued to push Farenthold repeatedly to try to correct any misstatement, and the Congressman still only said that "President Obama was elected President."

The issue with Republican leaders is not only that they deny facts, they are also pretty politically stupid. Read a rule book, look at the birth certificate, and just for fun look at how "legitimately elected" the President was:

2012: Obama: 332 electoral votes, 62,611,250 popular votes, Romney: 206 electoral votes, 59,134,475 popular votes

2008: Obama: 365 electoral votes, 66,882,230 popular votes, McCain: 183 electoral votes, 58,343,671 popular votes

2004: Bush: 286 electoral votes, 62,040,606 popular votes, Kerry: 252 electoral votes, 59,028,109 popular votes

And here's a photo just in case you're curious:

And finally here's another photo, just for fun:

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