Congratulations to M. Dickey Drysdale!

In case you haven't noticed, we've spent a lot of time lately talking about the malign influence of superPACs, and especially Vermonters First, the new outlet for all of Lenore Broughton's sofa cushion cash (to the tune of about three quarters of a million dollars so far). In addition to the State Treasurer's office, she's now trying to buy legislative seats all over the state.

 As it happens, Miss Daisy and her chum Tayt Brooks have decided to try to take down Sarah Buxton, an energetic first-term Democratic Representative who ousted her predecessor, David Ainsworth, by one vote two years ago, so they took out two quarter page ads in the Randolph Herald, which serves Buxton's district.

I'm here to praise M. Dickey Drysdale for two things. First, for agreeing to run the ad. In my view it would be very dangerous for newspapers to start censoring their advertisers, especially political advertisers, based on whether they agree with them.

Second, and more importantly, for refusing to profit from the corrupting effect of superPAC money. In an editorial, which will be available in full next week, Drysdale explains why he's donating the $504.00 Vermonters First paid for the ads to the Randolph Area Food Shelf. (I've included a link in case you're inclined to support them, too.)

In his editorial, here's how Drysdale explains his position:


As for The Herald, we’re glad anytime when we see politicians realize the value of weekly newspaper advertising. However, we deplore the entire super-PAC mechanism, which directs unrestricted gobs of money, from people who can afford it, into our precious political process.

For that reason, we’re donating the $504 to the Randolph Area Food Shelf.


 We agree with Dickey Drysdale both about the value of weekly newspapers and about the effect of unrestricted bogs of money spread around by the rich.

So a big thmbs up to Dicky Drysdale and the Ransolph Herald, and another big thmbs down to Vermonters First. 

 Thanks to friend and regular reader Arthur Hamlin for the tip!

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