MI's Redistricting 'Reform' Bill That Would've Awarded Electoral Votes to Romney Creeps Back Into Play

State Rep Pete Lund, via his websiteRemember Michigan State Rep Pete Lund's electoral college "reform" bill that's really not a reform but a way to help make sure that minority candidates receive a majority of the state's electoral college votes? We stopped hearing about it after Lund starting promoting himself as a viable candidate for the U.S. Senate, but probably not because of that. It was probably because they were putting it on the back burner for a time when they can do outrageously stupid things without consequence. Like this year's Lame Duck session.

GOP lawmakers floated a proposal to apportion the state’s electoral votes by congressional district about a year ago, but retreated when critics in both parties noted it would have awarded most of Michigan’s electors to Mitt Romney in 2012, despite Barack Obama’s first-place finish in the state’s popular vote. But Democratic leaders fear the plan will resurface after this year’s legislative elections, when term-limited Republicans can wreak partisan mischief without fear of voter retaliation.

The governor refuses to take a stand on it, saying that it's not on his agenda. Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives Jase Bolger also demurred, using standard nonsense about how he wants everyone's voice to be heard. If the latter is true, we can look forward to Bolger this year getting through legislation that would change the way the state's legislative and Congressional districts are redrawn and end the gerrymandered majorities his party currently enjoys. Re-districting efforts on the national level are not new, but have certainly gained momentum in recent years. Accordingly, the decision in Michigan is an important one:

Michigan is among the 48 states that award all their electoral votes to the candidate who finishes first in the statewide popular vote. (The two exceptions, Nebraska and Maine, account for just nine electoral votes between them.) In 2012, all 16 of Michigan’s electoral votes — one for each of the state’s two U.S. Senate seats and 14 congressional districts — were awarded to Barack Obama, who captured 54 percent of the statewide vote, or 449,313 more votes than Romney.


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