CNN, Huffington Post, Slate Report Wrong Facebook Page of Alleged CT Killer

CNN, Huffington Post and Slate have all admitted they linked to the wrong Facebook page in their reporting on alleged Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza.

In his haste to break the story, CNN Correspondent Jim Clancy tweeted to his 20,000+ followers a link to the facebook page of Hoboken resident Ryan Lanza.

Lanza, a resident of Hoboken, NJ, assures his Facebook friends he is not the shooter. Here is a screenshot of Lanza's Facebook feed, provided by cartoonist Matt Bors, who reports being inundated with messages asking why he's friends with a murderer:

"Huffington Post, Slate and ME retract info on shooter FB page," Clancy tweeted. "It's unclear whether police have wrong name, it's the FB page that's wrong."

Here's a tweet from Slate's Twitter feed about their error:

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