Voter ID Laws Are Being Thwarted Nationwide

Republican efforts to suppress and restrict voting for Americans is not going particularly well. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott can't seem to find any non-citizen voters. A Pennsylvania judge put a hold to a key part of Republicans restriction efforts. And in Minnesota, yet another paper explained to its readers how expensive the vote restriction constitutional amendment will be.

Let's begin close to home.

On the surface, a constitutional amendment requiring that Minnesota residents provide a valid, government-issued photo identification in order to vote seems to make sense. Clearly, requiring a photo ID would eliminate some forms of voter fraud.

However, the need to eliminate voter fraud seems to pale in comparison to the costs of implementing it and the potential disenfranchisement of voters that may come with it.

While proponents could point to some cases of fraud in two recent statewide elections - Al Franken and Norm Coleman for senate and Mark Dayton and Tom Emmer for governor - the percentage of fraudulent votes certainly does not suggest the need for radical reform.

In addition, voter ID will most certainly create more work - and thus more taxpayer dollars - for government. For example, townships that currently do mail-in balloting may have to revert to regular balloting, potentially costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars.
(Fergus Falls Journal)

And since we're going to have lows in the 20s Thursday night, let's head to Florida where the temperatures are warm and the vote fraud search is ice cold:
Originally, Gov. Rick Scott (the Republican insurance fraudster) estimated there were 180,000 non-citizens on the vote rolls of Florida. He was off by 99.9985 Percent. He also ran afoul of the DOJ and a judge ordered him to halt his purge.

He's begun again. Problem is he's only uncovered 11 out of 1.76 million voters in four key counties. That's 0.00062 Percent.

That doesn't exactly justify his purges. Not that he cares.


In total, Scott's quest for non-citizen voters flagged only 198 names of registered voters who may not be U.S. citizens - and this is in a state where over 8 million people voted in the last presidential election. Of these 198 possible non-citizens, only 39 have actually ever voted. If any of the 198 names identified by Scott's new purge turn out to be non-citizens - itself an uncertain proposition - the most likely explanation for why many of them became registered to vote is that they accidentally registered while filling out paperwork to receive a driver's license, not that the alleged non-citizens intentionally tried to register illegally.
(Think Progress)

Finally, a Pennsylvania judge blocked a key provision of Republicans vote restrictions plans, provisional voting. Our state's amendment would also replace absentee balloting with provisional ballots.


In an 18-page ruling issued Tuesday morning, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson blocked language in the state's tough voter identification law requiring people without proper identification to cast a provisional ballot and then return to county election offices within six days to provide proof of their identity.

The judge cited the fact that too few government IDs had been issued and was concerned about the state government's inability to provide all voters who need a government ID with one.

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