Republicans Have to Rely on Voter Suppression to Win

There is a reason Republicans have been pushing for vote restrictions nationwide. Its the same reason Republican are doing everything to suppress the vote in states they control. When fewer people vote, Republicans win.

In Minnesota, Republicans have known for a long time that they can't win a statewide vote. Tim Pawlenty won the Governor's seat twice with 44.37% in 2002 and 46.69% in 2006. Norm Coleman squeaked into office after his opponent, Paul Wellstone died. They need freak accidents or liberal independent candidates to siphon votes off of the DFL candidate.

Mark Dayton nipping Tom Emmer is the lone reason we're not having voter purges here in Minnesota. Consequently, Republicans did the next best thing which is the vote restriction constitutional amendment on the ballot.

Nationally, President Obama appears to be well-positioned to win reelection. He needs 270 electoral votes to win. By my estimation, he already has 217. I'm not even counting Michigan and Wisconsin which are both considered solid for Obama but are controlled by Republicans. The swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania will play a major factor. They have 67 electoral votes between them.

CA = 55 FL = 29
OR = 7 OH = 18
WA = 12 PA = 20
NM = 5
MN = 10
IL = 20
NE states = 108
Total = 217 Total swing = 67

In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania local Republicans doing everything they can to restrict and suppress the vote.

If Mitt Romney is to have any chance of winning, he first has to deny Obama these states. Since polling indicates he's only close in Florida, restriction and suppression are their only hope.

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