PA House Bill Will Only Increase Mother's Assistance for Additional Children Conceived in Rape

A new Pennsylvania House bill would deny food stamps to any woman who cannot prove her additional child was conceived via rape.  If you think Richard Nourdock and Todd Akin are extreme include RoseMarie Swanger, Tom Caltagirone, Mark Gillen, Keith Gillespie, Adam Harris and Mike Tobash to that list.

Via Think Progress:

A Pennsylvania House Bill seeks to limit the amount of TANF assistance that low-income women receive based on the amount of children they give birth to while covered under the program.

Of course there are exceptions for a women who has given birth to a child conceived by rape... assuming she can prove that she reported it to police, including the identity of her attacker.

Most rapes aren't reported to the police.  It may be that only 3% of rapists ever go to prison and only 9% are event prosecuted.  Few women are willing to go through more torment dispensed by our injustice system.  Denying infants food and nutrition, somehow, is a Christian value among this bill's sponsors.  Caltagirone is the lone Democratic sponsor of the bill but he represents the Catholic Church in Harrisburg and does their bidding.

The bill denies welfare payments to low income women based on the number of children they have.  What right, first of all, do they have to dictate to others on their personal sexual behavior?  People have the right to engage in consensual sex.  I find Caltagirone's position especially hypocritical considering he was charged with lying naked in his District office for a female staffer to see when she entered the office.  He allegedly ran out after her nude and carrying a gun.  Tom Corbett, according to Rep. Caltagirone to me, helped get him off on the charge and is why he gave him a $500 contribution in his first run for AG.  When I disclosed that contribution he came after me.  Now, claiming to be a Christian, he'd deny food to hungry children because he doesn't like their parent's sexual proclivities.

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