New Billboards Stand Up to Ballot Bullies

Nobody likes bullies, people who throw their physical strength, or their intellect, or their money around to get their way, overlooking the rights or feelings of others.

And there’s something particularly odious about a bully who works in secret, pulling strings to push people around but unwilling to confront them.

Those kinds of bullies are at work in Latino and African-American neighborhoods in places like Milwaukee and Cleveland this month. They’ve posted billboards calculated to discourage people from voting, warning that anyone involved in voter fraud can be sent to prison and hit with a hefty fine. The messages carry no signature and the billboard owner says the “family foundation” that placed them insisted on anonymity.

So Common Cause is making a big statement about voter empowerment. We’ve teamed up with Election Protection Coalition to post our billboards encouraging all Americans to go to the polls and make their voices heard on Election Day.

We’re posting these billboards in four cities in Wisconsin and Ohio, and unlike the folks posting the suppression ads, we’re not hiding. The Election Protection coalition’s name – in capital letters no less – and phone number appears on each of our billboards. We’re proud to stand behind our message that every American deserves to cast their ballot in a free, fair, and accessible electoral process.

Sadly, ballot bullies aren’t just putting up billboards this fall; we expect them to be out in force and in person on Election Day, hitting the precincts to challenge the qualifications of some voters and convince others to go home without voting. That’s why our billboards also advertise our 866-OUR-VOTE hotline, where voters can report intimidation efforts, or any other irregularities they come across while casting their ballots.

If you see one of our billboards in your neighborhood, take a picture and tweet it @CommonCause so we can share your photo with our online followers.

Voting is the right from which all other rights derive—if our leaders aren’t ultimately accountable to We the People, then they’ll keep putting their interests ahead of ours. Some people only want the folks they agree with the have a voice in government. We think that’s wrong, so we’ll be fighting back against voter intimidation wherever we find it.


You Can Help Spread the Word

» Print our billboard images and post them at your office, home, place of worship, or community location.


» SHARE our Facebook post to remind Americans that voting is a fundamental right.


» Use some of our suggested Tweets or write your own thoughts on ensuring equal votes and equal voices.

  • When we vote, we are all equal. Stand up and make your voice heard!
  • Stand up, speak up, and have your say — VOTE.
  • Stand up to bullies. V0te!
  • Live in Wisconsin? Keep an eye out for new @866OURVOTE billboards reminding you of your rights (via @CommonCause)

» Download our new Facebook cover image and use it as your own Facebook cover photo to help reach more voters with this message of empowerment. Click on the image to get the full-size version, then right-click and choose “Save image as” to save the photo to your computer.

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