Gay Tea Party Activist Says Same-Sex Marriage Will 'Unravel' Marriage and 'Undefine Children'

If you're a member of the right-wing, it's almost impossible to speak in favor of gay marriage...even if you're gay.

Near the end of Tuesday's National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) rally on the National Mall, Doug Mainwaring, the openly gay founder of the National Capital Tea Party Patriots, warned attendees that marriage equality would "unravel" marriage and "undefine children," whatever that means. He also referred to the steady growth in acceptance of gay marriage as "the media's relentless, manufactured urgency" and urged members of the Supreme Court to tune out the calls for marriage equality.

“As a gay man, I can state categorically, it is not homophobic to oppose same-sex marriage,” Mainwaring told the crowd, “to the Supreme Court, legislators and jurists around the country: slow this train down.”

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