Christie's Poll Numbers Unexpectedly Drop in New Jersey

Rutgers released a poll that shows Chris Christie has a 68 percent overall approval rating among New Jersey residents, down a few points from February. Still, it's pretty amazing.  

Bizarrely, the down-poll numbers are actually pretty bad.

Only 42 percent of voters approve of his handling of New Jersey's economy and jobs, and only 37 percent approve of his tax policy, according to the poll.

How can so many people disapprove of economy, jobs and tax policy and still approve of Christie's performance overall?  It's just, I don't know, astonishing.

It does also point to potential weakness for Christie. Consistent hammering on these issues -- and toss in the environment and health care -- and there's an opportunity to cut into the overall numbers. Buono, the unions supporting her and SuperPACs out there all need to work to get independents connecting their opinions on his actual performance with his public speeches about Sandy.

This video is a good start:

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