Christie/King 2016

Governor Christie is in Iowa today campaigning for one of the "crazies" he says he's tired of, Congressman Steve King.  You can learn more about King in this video:

But Senator Lautenberg and State Party Chairman Wisniewski have learned enough, and held a press conference call yesterday calling on the Governor to cancel his trip:

Senator Lautenberg: Steve King is a right-wing radical whose views are not only out of line with the values of most New Jerseyans, but also out of line with the values of most New Jersey Republicans.  

Chairman Wisniewski: New Jerseyans have a right to expect a higher standard from their governor than this. Governor Christie's use of his office and his position as a representative of our state to support Congressman King's abhorrent views and agenda is unacceptable.

It seems like the Governor is only tired of the "crazies" in his party when they aren't serving his own purpose.  Which is basically just another day in the life of Chris Christie; he's against something until it benefits him and then it's just everyone else's fault he did it.

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