Christie Signs Tenure Bill

There was little doubt that Chris Christie was going to sign the TEACHNJ bill into law; you don't put out the word to the Republican delegations in the Assembly and Senate to unanimously support a piece of legislation and then back away from it.

But I don't think I'm the only one who was a little surprised at how magnanimous he was toward the NJEA at today's signing ceremony:

I wonder: would Christie have invited the teachers unions to the signing and been as gracious if he hadn't been caught this summer yelling at a constituent on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights? Is he trying to tone down his bullying image in preparation for the Republican convention in Tampa?

The fact remains that New Jersey has a "complicated relationship" with this governor, with significant numbers of people questioning both his policies and his personality. He also has a sizable gender gap dogging him; fewer women like him than men.

Making nice is probably a smart move for him at the moment. We'll see if it holds.

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