Christie Blames Kyrillos Loss on Sandy and Obama

For the party of personal responsiblity, nothing ever seems to be their fault. Chris Christie has pinpointed the problem for Joe Kyrillos and (hint!) it's not his fault he didn't win:

Christie also said state Sen. Joseph Kyrillos, who unsuccessfully challenges U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, was a tough loss. "I feel awfully for Joe and I think talk about a guy who got a whole series of really unlucky events that happened to him that drew attention away from his race," Christie said, referring to superstorm Sandy.

Sure, because everyone was paying close attention to Kyrillos before that hurricane hit. But Christie wasn't done with the excuse making:

"And it's a tough state in a presidential year. New Jersey is one of the few states where Barack Obama did better in '12 than he did in '08, it's tough to run uphill against that kind of race."

You see, it's Sandy and Barack, not Joe's stand on women's health and his resistance to having millionaires pay their fair share. And of course, none of it is Christie's fault because he cared more about traveling around the country raising his own profile than helping his friend here in NJ. Not like it would have helped, but it's fun to watch the excuse making commence.

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