Chris Christie: Just Another Typical Republican

Governor Christie gets the "consolation prize" of a larger stage to showcase his well-honed skill at lying loudly to a pre-selected crowd of admirers as the keynote speaker of the upcoming hate and fearmongering fest known as the Republican National Convention.

If you watch the news reports, you'd likely be told at least once that this is an honor that is a stepping stone to higher and bigger and better and more awesome things for the latest "rising star" in a party that has used that word to describe their morally and ethically challenged blowhards masking as "thinkers" and "leaders".


The selection of Paul Ryan, coupled with that massive hole that Christie's policies have kept New Jersey in are just the latest in the rebuilt house of cards that the Republican Party will soon have to deal with when the winds of truth and reality blow them down.

Savior?  Please.  Rising star?  Let's look at another list:

Rudy Guiliani.  Sarah Palin.  Bobby Jindal.  Fred Thompson.  That Governor from SC who was caught with a girlfriend in South America.  Michelle Bachmann.  Rick Perry.  Rick Santorum.  George Allen.  Mike Huckabee.  Newt Gingrich (again).  Herman Cain.  Mitch Daniels.

All of them were also the flavor of the week or month or year.  All of them were "rising stars" who, in addition to Christie, had many fatal flaws that were overwhelming over the course of a few weeks in the national spotlight.  And Christie is no different - keynote spot and all (fun fact:  recent "luminaries" who gave high profile or keynote speeches at the Republican Convention include the quickly disgraced Giuliani, angry and erratic John McCain, Colin Powell (who sold his soul to the Bush administration shortly thereafter) and one Zell Miller.

Regardless of what Republicans and the lazy/fanclub portion of the corporate media want to keep saying, Christie's policies have raised taxes, they have hurt the economic recovery in New Jersey, they have kept property taxes high, they have expanded class warfare and they have led to fantasyland revenue projections and a bottom of the list job and unemployment picture when compared to the region or country as a whole.  Those, while fitting exactly with some of the other Republican priorities, still make some of the hardcore foaming at the mouth far right wing extremists queasy since he isn't (get this) hateful enough to the non-white straight crowd (otherwise known as "real Americans").

So, even if Christie manages to get himself into the early shortlist of "frontrunners" for 2016 (assuming Romney loses), that list also included Rudy Giuliani a few years ago and Sarah Palin a year or so back.  And he has proven time and time again to, er, not be on his best behavior when challenged on his lies and nonsense.

At some point, he is going to have to answer for his track record.  His real track record.  And just as those who came before him and were the next Captain SuperAwesometown, he too is just another stale Republican with a bigger attitude - which, despite what some think, isn't necessarily a good thing.

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