Chinese Manufacturer, FOXCONN Looking To Build In US

This is great news and a sign of good things to come, we hope.

Apple iPhone manufacturer, FOXCONN is looking to build factories in the United States.  They will possibly be focusing on LCD TV production, which can be highly automated and easier, according to Digitimes.

Meanwhile, Foxconn chairman Terry Guo, at a recent public event, noted that the company is planning a training program for US-based engineers, bringing them to Taiwan or China to take part in the processes of product design and manufacturing.

The plans are for cities, like Detroit and Los Angeles and the company is already in discussions with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also.

Great news and a transition from the norm.  FoxConn has been hit hard by employees striking and demanding higher wages which puts pressure on their bottomline and cuts into investor dividends.  So a move to America may help make the company more profitable in regards to shipping.

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