A Challenge for Romney

As Mitt Romney tours America trying to convince us to continue the Republican "War on the Poor" he has recieved a challenge. Since Republicans are so "Christian" it seems as if Romney would want to take th is offer. You see, there are real Christians out there actually trying to perform the Great Commission but unfortunately Romney, Ryan and none of the hypocritical Republican "leadership" is among them.  
Before they tout their "Christian values" on the campaign trail Republicans should consider this. With their draconian budget cuts for poor Americans and further huge tax cuts for the very wealthy they are far from Christian. Will their nominee answer a challenge from those who are??

You see, some people are really Christian. They don't wear it on their sleeve and try to use it to further their careers. They are the ones who actually do the hard work of being Christian by caring for those in poverty. They are strongly opposed to Republican ideas to put more in poverty and worsen the plight of those who already are. They want Romney to spend a day with them to see the faces in the great unwashed masses he so despises and disrespects:

The group behind the Nuns On A Bus tour that highlighted the harmful effects the U.S. House Republican budget would have on the nation's poor have now set their sights on the 2012 GOP presidential candidate, inviting Mitt Romney to spend a day with the nuns to learn about the needs of struggling families and low-income communities.

Network, a national Catholic social justice lobby, sent their invite directly to the Romney campaign's communication director on Wednesday, according to Stephanie Niedringerhaus, the group's communications coordinator. The idea was proposed a day after the Romney campaign released a misleading advertisement about welfare reform that "demonizes families in poverty and reflect the woeful ignorance about the challenges faced by tens of millions of American families in these tough economic times," the lobby said.

Simone Campbell, Network's executive director and the leader of the Nuns On A Bus tour, said in a statement that she particularly hopes Romney will be willing to work alongside the nuns as they serve the people she said would bear the brunt of his proposed budget cuts.


And why not? Folks like Romney sit in their ivory towers and wave their flags of righteousness at all of us who do real work. Men like himself are the ones whose greed has so crippled this country and it's economy the last thirty years. Why does he not go among folks and explain to them why their jobs should be shipped overseas and their wages and benefits diminished for the greed of a very few people?

All real Christians in this country want is fairness for everyone:

In April, the bishops wrote a series of letters to congressional lawmakers objecting to the Ryan budget and asserting that fair budget solutions "must require shared sacrifice by all, including raising adequate revenues, eliminating unnecessary military spending and fairly addressing the long-term costs of health insurance and retirement programs."

So what is wrong with that? Why can't Mitt Romney join some real Christians and explain to those the policies he would re-enact have ruined why those policies should be put back to place in a more extreme form??

Why? Because he is not only a coward but he simply does not care. Folks in poverty have been used up to him. He cannot exploit them for more profits because they have nothing and cannot contribute to his campaign. Most likely, they are not voting for him either.

Their are two Americas in this country and Mitt Romney will never care about the one outside his mansion walls.

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