Entergy Falsified Documents at NY Nuclear Power Plant

Here's one for the books:

Entergy announced on Tuesday that a former supervisor, who worked at the Indian Point nuclear power plant north of New York City for twenty-nine years, had been arrested for deliberately falsifying critical safety records and lying to federal regulators last year.

The feds are charging Daniel Wilson, and, if convicted, he faces up to seven years in jail.

The falsified records concern misrepresented levels of particulate matter in diesel samples taken from the reserve tank.  When repeated measurements of those levels exceeded Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) standards:

Wilson logged into the company database under another employee's name and fabricated test data for resample tests which were never actually taken.

Wilson's reason for falsifying the records?  He said didn't want the NRC to shut the facility down.

Of course butter wouldn't melt in Entergy's mouth over this latest example of messed-up corporate culture, but their protestations ring hollow.

While Entergy has claimed that the findings were discovered by employees at the nuclear power plant, they were really found during the period while workers were preparing for a pending NRC inspection, when they knew that federal regulators would want to look at the diesel fuel due to the 2011 findings.

Entergy should be open to a fine of $140,000 per day for operating while in violation of safety regulations, but - so far - no fine has been levied.

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