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We feel no compunction at giving the occasional poke to the Burlington Free Press when we think it's deserved, but there's no question that they still have the ability to commit journalism. In fact, although there are some adjustment issues in dealing with their new format, my sense is that it has given them the ability to do longer, more investigative reporting, and this is an important benefit.

If you missed the paper over the weekend you should go back and read this story about "excited delirium syndrome",  the made-up malady that police use to evade responsibility when they kill people with Tasers or other action.

Actually, the story doesn't come down on whether excited delirium syndrom is made up, but the conclusion is pretty hard to miss.

For instance, it seems to be pretty hard to find someone who's not on the payroll of Taser International who even believes this condition exists. In fact, the expert that Taser pays to do these studies admits that  "It’s not easy . . . to diagnose excited delirium in arrest-related deaths. " Apparently getting paid by Taser to find it and to lobby for excited delirium findings in Taser-related deaths makes it a little easier.

 As I say, it's worth reading the entire story.

Also, congratulations to Matt Ryan and the Burlington Free Press for their coverage. 

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