Retired Missouri Millionaire Shills for Far Right: This Time Attacking Teacher Tenure

Jo Mannies, a St. Louis Beacon political reporter, caught Rex Sinquefield - the ALEC-friendly, organized labor-hating, retired millionaire - at it again. It may not be the Right-to-Work legislation he failed to have his cronies in the legislature push through earlier this year, but it most certainly is anti-labor - this time attacking teacher tenure at Missouri schools.

A group backed by wealthy financier Rex Sinquefield has renewed its effort to get rid of teacher tenure in Missouri. TeachGreat.org has filed a proposed initiative petition to get a proposal on the 2014 ballot. A similar measure was proposed, but not acted upon, in 2012.

Teachgreat.org definitely did not get coal in their stocking. In an lobbying disclosure form from the Missouri Ethics Commission, look who gave the right-wing group a hefty gift:

C121045 12/24/2013 TEACHGREAT.ORG Rex Sinquefield 244 Bent Walnut Westphalia MO 65085 Retired 12/24/2013 $750,000.00

That is serious money, from a man Missourans know is all too willing to thrown around heaps of cash to aid his far right friends.

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