Immigrant and Father of Fallen Marine is Hero of Boston Marathon

AP PhotoThe horrific bombings that devastated the Boston’s Marathon and caused 3 deaths and more than hundred serious injuries has naturally send the mouth-foaming, basement-dwelling crazies into a convulsion of conspiracy theorist hyperbole. Despite the fact that no known the facts have ben made avaialble yet on whether it was an act of radical Islam or domestic, fringe sites like Alex Jones’ are donning the tin foil cap like Samuel L. Jackson dons Kangol caps.  

But lost in the mad frenzy of finger-pointing is a video of one brave soul who raced to the aid of the injured. One of the more graphic and gripping photos to be come out of the Apocalypse Now-like scene was that of a young man who had both of his legs blown off. But pushing the wheelchair-bound man was none other than Carlos Arredondo, a Costa Rican immigrant and longtime peace activist whose Marine son died in action in Iraq in 2004.

It seems Arredondo was at the marathon to support a runner who'd dedicated their race to his fallen son. In 2011, Arredondo's other son, Brian, 24, committed suicide after suffering years of depression and drug addiction following his brother's death. Arrendono himself engaged in self-immolation upon hearing of the news of his son’s death, so he’s no stranger to tragedy. But Arrendondo may have helped prevent further tragedy when the cowboy-hat wearing man bravely raced to the scene of the explosions and offered immediate help, including placing a tourniquet around the knee of the man who just had his legs blown off so as to prevent him from bleeding out. It turns out that Carlos is a certified Red Cross Worker

In the video below, you will see a visibly jilted and shaken Carlos explains his efforts to help the first people injured in the blasts and the nature of their injuries. I think we all owe this man our gratitude for having the fortitude and wherewithal to throw himself into the fire, even though he was not a Boston first responder.

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