NJ's First Black Woman Rep Likely, After Bonnie Watson Coleman Wins Dem Nod in 12th District

Tuesday, the food in the middle of the Salon A ballroom at the Lafayette Yards Hotel in Trenton grew cold, because everybody was too keyed up to eat. The press table is in the middle of the room, and people kept coming over to peer at all the open laptops on the table, for the Middlesex numbers, the Plainfield numbers.

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman stands poised to be New Jersey's first female representative in 10 years – and first black woman ever.

Pollster Patrick Murray nailed the story of this election in the numbersHe called the race for Coleman at 10:09, but the room didn't feel it until AP called it a few minutes later. Aretha Franklin's R-E-S-P-E-C-T became We Are Family and then Celebration, the music pumping out of the sound system and everybody rising to their feet, waiting for Bonnie Watson Coleman to walk in the door.

"I believe that Congress and our Legislature can always benefit from having someone that sees the issues and the needs and opportunities through the lens of both women and the minorities," Watson Coleman said in her victory speech... "We have a big step to climb over, but we have time."

Chivukula summed it up in a friendly tweet: Congrats to @BWatsonColeman on her victory tonight. At the end of the day we are fighting for the same thing.



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