Boehner, McConnell and The Big Lie

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are quite predictable. To them, only one America exists and that is the America in which no lie is too big to protect the interests of the rich and powerful elites like them. They know no decency or shame as long as that is just what they are doing. They care nothing about their country or anyone within as long as they can use their power to keep the good times rolling for themselves and their ilk. Now, once again they are telling the big lie in hopes that we will not make them sacrifice anything towards the problems they were so instrumental in causing.
As always, McConnell and Boehner hope to convince America that the debt they ran up should be paid by breaking the backs of working Americans once again. Their goal is simple. They and those they represent will sacrifice nothing to their country.

Once again they are whining like spoiled-rotten brats that someone expects them to sacrifice their Bush Tax Cuts, cuts that have run up the debt and gutted the economy:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) chastised Democrats for threatening to take the country over the anticipated "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year unless Republicans agree to tax increases.

"Has it come to this, that Democrats are willing to hurt jobs and tank our economy for the sake of a small business tax hike that would also have disastrous consequences? Haven't their policies caused enough hardship for middle-class families and small businesses already?" Boehner said in a statement.

"Instead of threatening to derail our economy, Democrats ought to help protect job creators from the president's small business tax hike. Most Americans want Congress to stop all the tax hikes, and that is exactly what the House will vote to do," he said.

McConnell said Democrats are acting recklessly in pursuit of tax hikes.

"Make no mistake: what the Democrats are proposing today is an entirely avoidable high-stakes game of chicken with the single-minded goal of taking more money from those who earn it, for government to waste," he said on the Senate floor.

And of course like every bit of poison that spews forth like gospel from their lying mouths this is yet another big lie. Like Hitler, they are hoping that the bigger the lie the more likely you are to believe it. The truth is that they have already gotten every thing they wanted in the last decade and what happened? They gutted our middle-class and crashed our economy on their watch.

And make no mistake. When they lie about "small businesses" being hurt by higher taxes on the rich that is just what is is. A bald-faced lie. You see, it is the Bush Tax Cuts for the very greedy that actually hurt small businesses:

Once the financing of the 2001-03 tax cuts is taken into account in plausible ways, a majority of households that report small business income will end up worse off than they would have been without the tax cuts. Small businesses are also hurt in two other ways. First, their cost of capital for new investment will rise as higher budget deficits raise interest rates. Second, some of the tax cuts seek to reduce a bias in the tax code that used to favor small businesses over corporations. The net result is that many small businesses and entrepreneurs are negatively affected by the Bush tax cuts.

Capital invested in the corporate sector typically faces a higher tax rate than capital invested in the noncorporate sector, which includes most small businesses. The reason is that capital invested in the corporate sector can be taxed twice: once at the level of the corporation, and again when the corporation distributes income to shareholders in the form of dividends or capital gains. The 2003 tax cut provisions that reduce taxes on dividends reduce this bias in the allocation of capital, which should shift investment funds away from noncorporate businesses, which are disproportionately owned by entrepreneurs, and toward corporations.

While the 2001-2003 tax cuts were described as "pro-entrepreneur," a recent study found that the majority of taxpayers would see their tax burden rise, once the eventual financing of the cuts was taken into account. Specifically, the study found that 72 percent of taxpayers with business income would be worse off if the tax cuts were eventually paid for by proportional financing, and that 58 percent of filers with business income would be worse off if the cuts were eventually paid for with equal-dollar financing.

So of course Boehner and McConnell will tell us the big lie. Not only because they are liars, but because in lying they cover up who they really work for and if you believe it is "small businesses", "families" or anyone but the vultures like them in Corporate America you are sadly mistaken.

America has believed the big lie for a few decades now and it is time we woke up and saw these folks for what they are. The greediest and least patriotic among us.

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