Bird Flu "Doctor" Gets Cold Reception In MN House



Rep. Ron Erhardt (DFL-Edina) appears on the Minnesota House floor wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope and starts insinuating that he may have caught the flu from eating turkey this weekend, and that it is possible it could have come from the bird flu epidemic that has hit Minnesota turkey farms. He is met with bi-partisan push back. The Department of Health has said there is no threat to humans and legislators from Erhardt's DFL party and Republicans have cooperated on legislation to fight the bird flu. To stop Erhardt from speaking, the House adjourned. Later Erhardt issued an apology. “I rose to the floor today to talk about the potential public health issues related to the avian flu crisis. I have met with officials from the Minnesota Department of Health to ask questions and better understand this issue. I am confident in their work, and assessment that consuming turkey is safe for Minnesotans. I apologize for making light of this serious issue and I support immediate passage of legislation that will adequately fund a response to the avian flu crisis.”
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