Billman, Rozzi Spar Over Marriage Equality, Planned Parenthood

Tea bagger Jim Billman is attacking Mark Rozzi for supporting the constitution:

I thought the Tea Party ilk revered the constitution?  Aren't these the morons who went around all summer in 2010 waving it at us and insisting we follow it?

Why then is he running this commercial?  The constitution guarantees equal justice for all.  The 14th Amendment provides for equal protection under the law.  That means we cannot have one law for straight people and something else for LGBT citizens.  That's why Rozzi supports marriage equality, it's the American thing to do.

Perhaps Billman wants to revert to times when "traditional marriage" meant you could sell your daughter, marry multiple women (as Mitt Romney's grandfather did) or have to marry your sister-in-law if your brother died (even if you were already wed).

I have a question for Mr. Billman:  why should you have a right I don't have?  That's Unamerican.

I won't comment on the Planned Parenthood part of the attack ad that's for our staff to do.

Billman ran a commercial for a short while wherein he waved a wad of municipal citations and claimed he was being targeted by the City of Reading for running.  He seems to own a number of investment properties for which he can't pay his mortgages (they're for sale on a short sale basis) or keep up.  Many of these citations predate his running.  He's a typical tea bagger:  the perpetual victim.

Here's Mark Rozzi's response:

As State Representative I will represent each and every member of my District, whether they are a man or women, gay or straight, Republican or Democrat. I am a strong supporter of individual rights. I also understand that millions of American women rely on organizations like Planned Parenthood for health care services including regular checkups, breast cancer screenings and reproductive screenings. Women have the right to affordable and quality health care. What we can't do is listen to the extreme Tea Party voices like my opponent who make outrageous claims that there is such a thing as "legitimate rape" or that pregnancy from rape is something "God intended to happen".

Update:  From Adrian Shanker, President of Equality Pennsylvania:

"Jim Billman's offensive and frankly, ignorant, ad makes it abundantly clear that he is out of touch with a majority of Pennsylvanians who support marriage equality. There could not be a clearer choice in this election. Mark Rozzi believes in equality, while his opponent wants to ensure inequality for generations to come." - Adrian Shanker, President, Equality Pennsylvania

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