Bill Clinton Is The Reason We Got George W. Bush. Will He Be The Reason We Get Mitt Romney?

Bill (I love blow jobs in the White House) Clinton is the main reason George W. Bush was elected president. Clinton fired up the Republican base, with his White House indiscretions, and Al Gore couldn't overcome the Clinton legacy.

Bill (I signed NAFTA) Clinton's love of Bain Capital shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Clinton was a Republican president disguised as a Democrat and the Republican's loved every minute of it. Now it appears Bill (I can't keep my pants zipped up) Clinton wants to do to Barack Obama what he did to Al Gore, in 2000 and he along with other Republican's disguised as Democrats like Cory Anthony Booker, Ed Rendell, Deval Patrick, etc. seem determined to help Mitt Romney get elected and limit Barack Obama to one term. 

I have this to say to the proven lair Bill ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman") Clinton: I know what Bain Capital did to American workers and if you and your phony Democratic pals like Cory Anthony Booker, Ed Rendell and Deval Patrick don't get it then you don't have clue or you're Republican sympathizers determined to limit Barack Obama to one term and neither of these are acceptable as far as I'm concerned.

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