Bernie 2016? Sanders Says Hillary, GOP Won't Take on Corporate Power

"I think there is a lot of discontent out there on the part of ordinary people who feel the system is grossly stacked against them."

Vermont US Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday he’ll make a decision on running for president “pretty soon.”

“Making sure you have the money to run a credible campaign is very important,” he said to interviewer Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. “We’re working on it. And we will make the best decision we can in the near future.”

Sanders said he did not believe any 2016 presidential candidate from either party would battle corporate power for ordinary Americans.

“I do have doubts that Hillary Clinton or any Republican out there will take on big-money special interests,” Sanders said.

“In America, if we are going to be successful in taking on the billionaire class, we need a strong grassroots movement,” he said.

“It’s not just Hillary Clinton. It’s not a question of running against Hillary Clinton or challenging Hillary Clinton.”




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