Awesome Pro-Liz Warren Union Stickers (and Other Reasons She’s Going to Beat Scott Brown)

Following her excellent performance at the Democratic National Convention — which, in theory, could eventually be viewed as the launch of her 2016 Presidential campaign — Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has taken a lead in the polls against incumbent Republican Scott Brown. Although the lead is slim (48-46) according to Public Policy Polling, it shows that momentum is skewing Progressive in Beantown and beyond.

Another poll, conducted by Western New England University’s Polling Institute shows Warren with a six point lead. However, final tallies will greatly depend on the turnout for the Presidential election. In the heavily Democratic state of Massachusetts, it is easy to envision an Obama victory, but Mitt Romney still has large networks of support in the state he once governed. All in all, MA is an unpredictable beast and the Brown/Warren race is likely to come down to the wire.

The polls show that incumbent Scott Brown is still viewed as favorable among the Massachusetts electorate, but after her DNC appearance Warren is enjoying swelling ratings.

Warren, who spoke at this summer’s Building and Construction Trades Department national convention, has tremendous support within her party with a WNEU poll showing 89 percent of Democrats favor her. She has union support as evidenced by the “Hard hats for Elizabeth Warren” stickers pictured above.

Brown, who is viewed as a moderate Republican, has been taking a beating due to the ever-right leaning direction of his party and successful Democratic attempts to link him to such extremism.

Both candidates are claiming to be a strong voice for the middle class, but polling shows Warren’s appeal is stronger in this area.

According to Suffolk University Professor David Paleologos, whose school’s pollsters show Warren with a 4 point lead, the DNC solidified Warren’s campaign. Speaking to WHDH Boston he said,

“The Democratic National Convention connected the dots: registered Democrats, minority voters, women, even Obama voters. Higher intensity, higher votes for Elizabeth Warren,”

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