'The Anointed One' Enters Stage Right in Race for Texas Governor

In keeping order with the Republican line of succession, Attorney General Greg Abbott announced yesterday that he is running to replace Rick Perry as Governor of Texas. It's a loaded fact. Not only will Rick Perry remain governor of Texas until January 2015, but we are now subject to 15 months of what will likely be some of the most divisive campaigning in American politics. The sad truth is that it is not because the Democrats have responded with an equally strong candidate, but because the fight during the Republican primary will be about who can stray the furthest from the center.

There will be plenty of comparisons of Abbott to Perry, and for good reason, but there is an important difference that is more disconcerting to Democrats — his relentless pursuit of a fundamentalist social agenda.

Where Perry's first draw is whip out the "Texas Model," Greg Abbott's two greatest weapons in the culture war are the gun and the bible — both of which he believes have a place in the classroom. As someone who grew up hunting in central Texas and attended Catholic school until college, I have a respect for both instruments, but these images of an Abbott advert should inflame anyone who is concerned about the future of either. While freedom loving people across the Middle East protest governments run by religious zealots, our likelist next head of state, whose opponent has dubbed "the anointed one," would rather use taxpayer dollars to promote the Ten Commandments than protect the Constitution.

The AG sent this Tweet over the weekend: "I just announced I am running for Governor. I will work for your vote & fight for your liberty." If you know anything about Abbott, you'll notice it's missing an asterisk or ten. So, here are a few caveats not included that were surely only casualties of Twitter's 140 character limit.  

Greg Abbott "will work for your vote & fight for your liberty" unless. . .

1.) You are a taxpayer. . .

Greg Abbott brags about his promiscuous use of litigation and told a Tea Party group, "I go into the office, I sue the federal government, and I go home." The 27 lawsuits he's filed have cost the state almost $3 million to date.

2.) You need a good attorney. . .

As Attorney General for the state of Texas, Greg Abbott has sued the federal government 27 times but has only come away victorious five times.

3.) You are LGBT yourself, or are a friend or advocate. . .

Abbott says, "Man cannot rewrite God's law," once again proving he is confused about his current job of protecting all Texans' civil rights.

4.) You don't have health insurance. . .

Abbott has sued the Obama administration more than a dozen times over the Affordable Care Act and opposed taking federal dollars for Medicaid.  

Of course, this is all a moot point if come November there is no credible challenger from the Democrats. So to instill some hope back into the weary I end with this video and this quote from Wendy Davis, "The fight for the future of Texas is just beginning."

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