Ask Rep. Lance About His Tea Party Love

Leonard Lance has a Town Hall tonight in Bridgewater. The Somerset Tea Party has sent out emails asking their members to come out and show their support for him. 

The last two congressional primaries Lance has faced significant Tea Party challenges. In 2010, no less than 3 Tea Partiers challenged him from the right. In 2012, the Tea Party coalesced behind one challenger, Hunterdon businessman David Larsen. In his years in the NJ legislature Lance was moderate Republican, one that even sometimes bucked his own party. 

But in Congress, Lance has shown a significant bend to the right-wing, as the House Republicans have become dominated by the far-right. Leonard Lance supports the Paul Ryan budget. And he should be asked about that budget, and about the Medicare cuts, and the impact on seniors, on the middle-class, on veterans - all of it. 

The Somerset Tea Party plans to pack the room tonight - they've been sending emails for hours. The Chivukula campaign is asking supporters to attend, and to ask Lance on the record why he supports the Ryan budget. Lance used to be an enemy of the Tea Party; now they embrace him. Is this the congressman you want? 

What: Town Hall with Congressman Lance

When: Wednesday, August 15th, 6-8pm - arrive before 5, if you can

Where: Bridgewater Township Municipal Building - 100 Commons Way, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Event: Free & open to the public

Ask: Ask questions of Lance if you can. Bring handmade signs, if you can

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