Anti-Abortion Zealots in Alabama Protest Closed Clinic, Harass Women Visiting a Neighboring OB-GYN

The photos accompanying this post were taken yesterday outside the doctor's office.  If you're confused by the "White Abortionist" sign, just understand that the doctor's last name is hyphenated and the protesters apparently have problems with proper punctuation. Huntsville's only women's clinic is closed temporarily, so what's a bored abortion opponent to do? Why, protest at the previous location, of course. The fact that it's occupied by a female pro-choice OB-GYN just puts the cherry on top.

For months, we've been following the saga of Huntsville's Alabama Women's Center as it struggles to comply with the TRAP (Targeted Regulations Against Abortion Providers) bill passed by the GOP supermajority. (Part of the bill was struck down by a federal judge.  Read coverage of the hearings here.) 

The clinic closed at the end of June — temporarily — while it relocated to a new building and installed the required upgrades to comply with the TRAP law.

As of now, the clinic remains closed, pending final inspection and approval from state and local government. Not surprisingly, the state is taking its time sending someone up here and the city is now embroiled in a lawsuit over the zoning.
That's right campers!  The supermajority's TRAP law is costing taxpayers money at the state and local levels. That's quite the twist on their pledge of "fiscal responsibility."
So, with the actual clinic closed, what's a dedicated anti-choice protester to do with his/her time? Maybe they could volunteer to help with the many humanitarian needs in our community: the hungry, the homeless, the kids in need of mentors, sick people without medical care, elderly and homebound residents who need a helping hand...
Nope. This Huntsville group has decided to go "back to the future" and protest at the old clinic location. You know: the one where abortions are no longer performed and the place where a private physician has set up an OB/GYN practice.
This isn't the first time protesters have tried to disrupt this doctor's private practice.  They picketed her old office as well — directly across from a middle school school. Why their intense interest and determination to disrupt a private medical practice?
She used to be a physician at the clinic, but folded under the pressure and threats from the anti-choice zealots. It's understandable: many doctors have to make the same choice to protect themselves, their families, and employees.  But here's the thing: the protesters won.  They forced her to stop working at the clinic, but they're still harrassing her and her patients.
It seems that these goons just can't stop yelling at pregnant women, even women who are hoping to carry their pregnancies to term. 
The word "bully" just doesn't seem to cover it.
Want to join the fight against anti-choice extremism?  Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates (ARRA) is an excellent resource for news and activism alerts.
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