Anti-Choice Zealots Say Their Own Actions Are Reason Enough to Keep North AL's Lone Clinic Closed

The "faces of anti-choice Huntsville" swarmed the city zoning board hearing last night in a last ditch attempt to keep North Alabama's lone women's clinic from reopening in a new location. In a breathtaking display of chutzpah, speaker after speaker — some of whom live more than 50 miles from the proposed location — went concern trolling. They cited concerns about "the neighborhood" and "disruptions" caused by protests at the previous clinic location.

Why yes...block the sidewalks, bus in scores of children, bellow at passersby through a bullhorn, and assault clinic escorts...and then complain about the "tension and violence" associated with the clinic.

The Huntsville clinic has been closed since the end of June, forcing many women to go out of state. The clinic owner found a new location that complies with the TRAP laws — the same laws that the demonstrators lobbied so hard to pass.  But it's still not good enough.  While some speakers tried to pretend it was just "concern" about the neighborhood, others were pretty candid. They don't like abortion and don't want a clinic to open anywhere.

One speaker, GOP legislative candidate Chris Horn, even obliquely referred to the events in Ferguson, Missouri, as an example of what can happen when neighborhood residents don't have a voice. Except that residents do have a voice — and a forum where they could have exercised their rights last night. However, of all the opposition speakers, only Horn actually lives in the neighborhood. The next closest speaker is more than a mile from the new clinic location, and the main speaker, Rev. James Henderson, lives in Morgan County.

In spite of repeated requests to stick to the topic at hand — zoning — and avoid wading into the abortion debate or causing a disruption, many speakers just couldn't help themselves.  A favorite moment was when a monk from Cullman stressed that neighborhood residents don't want this clinic. The next speaker? A woman who lives less than a mile from the clinic and spoke in favor of the location.

Another favorite moment: Rev. Henderson railing about "Wiccan witch smoke" being used against his group. 

In spite of all the Sturm und Drang, the zoning board voted against the appeal.  Reverend Henderson, unwilling to give up his time in the limelight, promises a court challenge.

Stay tuned....



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