Another AL Legislator Indicted, Perjury in Corruption Probe

The corruption indictments just keep on coming. Not long after State Representative Greg Wren resigned his seat as part of a plea deal in a State House corruption investigation, another Alabama legislator has been indicted:

Moore, 47, was arrested for felony perjury and providing false statements. He turned himself in at the Lee County jail today.

According to the news release today, Moore is charged with two counts of providing false statements relating to any matter under investigation by the attorney general and two counts of perjury in the first degree.

The news release says prosecutors presented evidence to a Lee County special grand jury, which indicted Moore.

In 2012, Moore (HD-91, Enterprise) was a co-sponsor of Clay Scofield's vaginal ultrasound bill. Guess he's about learn a lot more about the power of a government probe.

Meanwhile, political observers in the state wonder how long it will take for the grand jury to work its way all the way to the top: to Speaker Mike Hubbard.

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