Another Mid-Summer Strummer Rant!

Why are we pursuing the question of Romney's involvement with Bain while he was running the Winter Olympics?  The question we should be pushing regards the degree to which he was running and/or profiting from Bain's outsourcing of American jobs while LOBBYING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR OVER $300 MILLION WORTH OF OUR TAX DOLLARS TO PROP UP THE OLYMPICS?

If he's such a private market whiz, why couldn't he do this without soaking the tax payers?  In the end, he didn't save the Olympics...WE DID!!!...while he was profiting from the company he owned shipping US jobs overseas.  Either he was involved at Bain, or he was clamping his eyes shut while keeping his hand wide open.  And then funneling public money to pad his resume as the savior of the Olympic games.

Of course, there is one thing for which he deserves credit.  He transformed the credit he took for the Olympics into political capital that he then employed to provide Massachusetts with health care.

If this jackass is elected, I'm leaving the country.  Oh, wait, I'm already leaving the country.

In the mean time, I want the press to start pressing him for specifics.  How exactly will his experience help him spur job growth?  Is he going to close his eyes while someone he hires ships jobs overseas?  Is he going to lobby the federal government for tax money?  Obviously not.  He can't pass health care as Obama already did it and he's committed himself to repealing it.  Or is he going to repeal it and replace it with a Massachusetts type plan, essentially a maneuver to seize credit for what we already have?  Is he then going to repeal Social Security in order to replace it with a Social Security program?  Maybe he can repeal the Declaration of Independence in order to declare our independence from Great Britain himself.

Do independent voters really believe he'll be able to convince his fellow anti-patriotic plutocrats to shoulder the risk involved in investing in a sputtering economy?  

And in the mean time, let's stop all this talk about "running the Olympics" when the more accurate description of what he did was lobby for the Olympics.

Here, I'll formulate the question for everyone:  In 2000, was Mitt Romney running Bain or simply profiting from its outsourcing of jobs while lobbying the federal government for over $300 million of our tax dollars to pad his resume for his run for Governor of Massachusetts?

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