All For Me, None for Thee -- Hurricane Sandy Edition

It's well known that the residents of New Jersey pay far more in federal income and other taxes than they receive back, to the tune of paying a dollar for every 62 cents we get in services and payments.

This is, for the progressive community and folks who believe in federalism, not a terrible thing.  While it would be nice if we got more back, the whole concept of a federal government and progressive taxation is that we all pay in to a pool and then do the nation's work.  That means some folks get more than they pay because they need more, and others get less because they need less.

But many on the right, the "conservatives," don't see it that way.  They profess to believe that it's all about standing on your own two feet, being on your own, earning your way.

Which is a load of shit, since so many of the welfare states that take more than they pay -- sometimes half again what they pay like Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Dakota -- are uber-conservative bastions of right wing, libertarian thought.  Thought, though, not deed.

Because when the time comes that a donor state like New Jersey needs some help from the rest of the country these leeching whiners say, "All for me, none for thee."

This week there was a vote in the United States Senate to provide $60 billion to offset the unpredictable costs of Hurricane Sandy as it destroyed a large portion of the mid-Atlantic and caused unprecedented damage.  The idea is that these communities and states don't have the resources to pay for the recovery on their own, and need a helping hand like all the welfare states receive every year, year after year, day after day.

Thirty-two United States Senators -- all Republicans, by the way -- voted against the funding, and seventy five percent of them were from welfare states.  States that annually accept dollars from states like New Jersey, dollars paid for by Americans from New Jersey, while giving absolutely nothing back to us.

And now when New Jersey needs something, after close to a century or sending these folks cash, they've decided it wasn't enough and they won't help.

Not only won't they help, but they still want us to continue sending them their extra 50 cents, 20 cents, five cents on the dollar annually while giving us less than zero.

These anti-federalist conservative ideologues like to pretend that they are true believers in a country where each person, each state lives and dies within its own means.  But the truth is they want to keep taking money from other Americans when they need it but deny that help to others.
Senators from Welfare States Who Voted Against Helping the Mid-Atlantic Recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Sessions | Alabama ($1.61)

Boozman | Arkansas ($1.53)

Chambliss | Georgia ($1.01)

Isakson | Georgia ($1.01)

Grassley | Iowa ($1.22)

Crapo | Idaho ($1.34)

Moran | Kansas ($1.14)

Roberts | Kansas ($1.14)

McConnell | Kentucky 1.46)

Paul | Kentucky 1.46)

Blunt | Missouri ($1.32)

Burr | North Carolina ($1.07)

Portman | Ohio ($1.02)

Coburn | Oklahoma ($1.47)

Inhofe | Oklahoma ($1.47)

Toomey | Pennsylvania ($1.08)

Graham | South Carolina ($1.32)

Thune | South Dakota ($1.59)

Alexander | Tennessee ($1.24)

Corker | Tennessee ($1.24)

Hatch | Utah ($1.14)

Lee | Utah ($1.14)

Barrasso | Wyoming ($1.05)

Enzi | Wyoming ($1.05)

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