ALEC argues NJ Officials just need to learn more

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Maybe they didn't like the Governor saying he had no clue who they were? (Even though no one believed him) Or maybe they didn't like their member organizations dropping out over the mounting opposition? Either way, ALEC went on the offense in the Star Ledger this past weekend with a guest column that is rather interesting and used Christie as their defender:

Calling these groups' assertions "completely ridiculous," Gov. Chris Christie cited nationwide policy discussions as sources of inspiration in critical issues such as education reform. He also cited common sense - which is decidedly lacking among the well-funded forces arrayed against ALEC and its 2,000 state legislator-members.

Actually, he said it was completely ridiculous that people said he had ties to the group, not that others were attacking the group. And clearly it's just inspiration and common sense dontcha know, not connections and contributions. I also like how they point out it's the well funded forces against them, not their well funded effort that is the real problem. They continued:

While Christie's excellent leadership has much in common with ALEC's principles, it is true that New Jersey legislators and his office have little involvement with ALEC. But perhaps New Jersey could improve in areas if these elected officials learned more, not less, about ALEC's policy ideas

You see, they believe Christie has excellent leadership (which magically happens to be identical to ALEC's agenda at times), he still has no clue who they are, really. And even though diaries at Blue Jersey have documented all the close associates of Christie with ties, ALEC believes it would be better if officials just learned more about them:

ALEC has never introduced a bill in a legislature, has never signed one into law and has never lobbied for passage of legislation. Instead, it provides a forum for 2,000 state legislators to discuss solutions to policy challenges.

Now that was my favorite part of the whole piece. They're not responsible for anything except for providing a "forum" for discussing solutions. It just so happens those solutions come with contributions and draft legislation that others can introduce, sign and lobby for. Now that's some good spin on what they do, or say they don't do.

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