Just Fools: AL Legislature Holds Public Hearings on Extreme Anti-Choice Bills

April 1st is the perfect opportunity for the Alabama GOP supermajority to show out — and they're grabbing the opportunity with both hands. Yep, ladies, the uterus patrol is back in the saddle and will be holding public hearings today (Room 304 of the Statehouse) on the following bills:

  • HB490:  Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin's bill to outlaw all abortions (no exceptions!) after a heartbeat is detected in "the largest organ in a woman's body."  This would outlaw abortions before most women even realize they're pregnant.
  • HB493:  This is the creepy "infant hospice bill," where a woman carrying a baby with a lethal abnormality is encouraged to carry to term and put the child in hospice care. Because quality of life is lest important than quantity?
  • HB494: Adds more restrictions to Alabama's existing parental consent laws because... they can.

In good news, Shadrack McGill is out of luck with his "personhood bill."  It won't even make it through committee. Perhaps he can work on it outside the Legislature if his bid for some local office in Jackson County (town snoop, perhaps?) fails.

More worrisome, HB31, Rep. Nordgren's "conscience clause" bill could well make it to the floor of the Senate. It has passed the House and Senate committees as well.

The ACLU of Alabama is asking people to call the Legislature and protest these bills:

Legislators will descend on Montgomery this week, and are slated to decide on an extreme package of restrictive abortion bills, including one that could ban most abortions in the state.

This could be your last chance to turn the tide before the Alabama Senate votes.

Call 888-244-5607 and let your senator know you expect them to stand up for Alabama women.

The most dangerous bill (HB 490) provides zero exceptions for cases of rape and incest, and was written to deliberately challenge the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade. Another cruel bill (HB 31) would permit hospital staff to deny emergency care to women who need to end their pregnancy to prevent serious harm, even at the expense of a mother's health or future fertility.

In this video clip, ACLU of Alabama Executive Director Susan Watson discusses the high cost of the Alabama GOP supermajority's vanity legislation. The state is spending millions to defend unconstitutional bills at the same time the GOP says we don't have enough money to fund essential state services.

This was filmed yesterday, at the Women's Rights rally in Huntsville.

Finally, a video from that same rally. Joann Cummings discusses all four bills, their status, and the effect they would have on women's health choices if passed.

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