Comic Book Supervillain/Alabama AG Luther Strange Calls for Guns at Polling Booth

Don't worry campers! Thanks to Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, if your polling place is attacked, chances are there will be some concerned citizen there who's packing, and will be thrilled to shoot it out with the bad guys.

What could possibly go wrong?

With Alabama’s runoff election a week away, the attorney general is telling county commissions that they don’t have the authority to prohibit firearms at polling places.

The Chambers County Commission sought the advice of Attorney General Luther Strange after a few people carrying exposed guns showed up at polling places in Chambers and Shelby counties during the primary election June 3.

The attorney general issued a seven-page advisory opinion Monday that says state law doesn’t give the county commission the authority to ban weapons at polling places. But it says state and federal laws that ban weapons in some public buildings, such as courthouses and schools, still apply when those venues are used as polling places. It also says churches and other private buildings used as polling places may prohibit guns, including those carried by people with permits to have concealed weapons. 

This is all thanks to the Alabama state legislature, who in 2013, removed the authority of local officials to implement their own firearms regulation. The same group of Republicans who whine about "states' rights" and freedom from the federal government don't give a second thought to micromanaging from Montgomery.  

Presumably the "good guys with guns" at the polling place will keep n'er-do-wells away from the entrance. Could be they keep some average voters away, too.

The silver lining: If voters feel intimidated by the presence of guns displayed either inside or outside polling places, they need to report that concern to polling officials and the Alabama ACLU.  

Voter intimidation – particularly against people of color – could provide just cause for action under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

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