AL House Supermajority Passes FOUR MORE Anti-Abortion Bills

Hold on to your lady parts, because Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard and his minions think they're better qualified than you — or your doctor — to determine what happens to them. It appears that, when the GOP protests what it calls "putting the government between you and your doctor," they're talking about the federal government. Because they're just a-okay, Jim-dandy fine, with wedging a clueless state legislature in the stirrups between you and your OB-GYN.

Four bills passed the Alabama House yesterday, as a motley cadre of old white guys, assorted hangers-on, and a group of Knights of Columbus men in full regalia cheered the state's latest assault on women's reproductive rights and, by extension, the state budget.

The centerpiece bill, Rep. Mary Sue ("a baby is the largest organ in a woman's body") Mcclurkin is an almost-identical version of a North Dakota bill that was immediately enjoined by a federal judge:

House Bill 490 by Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin, R-Indian Springs, would require doctors to check for a fetal heartbeat before abortions and would ban abortions if a heartbeat is detected.

According to the National Institutes of Health, fetal hearbeats can be detected six to seven weeks into a pregnancy. Alabama law currently allows abortions up to 20 weeks.

The GOP says we don't have enough money to expand Medicaid or adequately fund other essential state services, but they have no problem at all passing stupid legislation that will cost the state hundreds of thousands (if not millions) in legal bills.

And they say they're opposed to "frivilous lawsuits!"

As bad as McClurkin's bill is, it isn't the most creepy bill passed today.  That award goes to Rep. Kurt Wallace with HB493  (the baby hospice bill):

HB 493 by Rep. Kurt Wallace, R-Maplesville, which would require doctors to give women information about perinatal hospice services before aborting a fetus with a lethal anomaly, a defect reasonably certain to result in death within three months after birth.

Wouldn't that make for a festive baby shower?  "Have you decided what you'll do for child care?"  "Not yet, we found the most wonderful hospice, but they don't take Medicaid...."



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