Akin leaning in favor of repealing the 17th Amendment?

Who says that Colbert is not a news program?

He reported tonight that Akin is for repealing the 17th Amendment.  

Here is the article that is the one Google goes to.

The relevant passage:

"I have a very serious concern about erosion of states rights, and reversing this [amendment] might pull that balance back," Akin said, adding that he is "leaning" in favor of repeal.

If I were a Democratic candidate for the state legislature I would ask my opponent whether he/she would vote to repeal the 17th Amendment to end the erosion of states rights.

I would tie my opponent to some of the more outrageous statements by Akin.  For example, are government supported loans to college students a "third state cancer"?  Do we need to have the federal government ending any assistance to children nutritional programs?  

I would try to get my opponent to distance him/herself from Akin or support Akin.

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