Texas To Tea Party: No, the Alamo Won't Fall Under UN Control

Texas Land Commissioner and open carry advocate Jerry Patterson was compelled to issue an official response to a conspiracy theorist he shared the stage with at a gun rally at the Alamo in late October. Alex Jones' website infowars.com claimed that the, "blue UN flag may fly above the historic shrine of liberty once it falls under UN control," and the rumor quickly made its way across the right-wing blogosphere.

Despite spectacular and erroneous reports to the contrary, the Alamo is not being turned over to the United Nations - or anyone else for that matter. - Jerry Patterson

It's unfortunate that Patterson, also a candidate for Lt. Governor, has found himself catering and answer to the conspiracy wing of his party, but it's a good example of why you should not exploit fear for politics. Patterson tried to distance himself from Jones by saying, "I'm not one of these people that thinks someone's gonna come knocking on my door and take my guns," but ultimately as Land Commissioner he was responsible for the event, and the perpetuation of the gun-grabbing govern-myth.

The Constitution gives Americans "the right to bear arms," but if you are going to walk around like a part of the militia, it also gives the government the right to ensure it is, "well-regulated."

"I like Jerry Patterson. I've known him for about 18 years. Since back when he was in the Legislature," Jones told Christopher Hooks of the Texas Observer

The incident piggy-backs off of the Texas Independence rhetoric that has dominated the Right's campaigns so far from "Come and Take it" to the "1836 Campaign." This group has a tendency to fight old battles and it should not surprize them if Hispanics make a connection between anti-hispanic immigration policies and their "new" motto.

In protest Jerry Patterson called out Mayor Julian Castro for attending an event he said, "desecrates the Shrine of Texas Liberty," and said that, "The Alamo is under a constant siege of people who just don't appreciate the significance of the site."

Julian Castro, the Mayor of San Antonio was born in San Antonio, so insinuating that he may not have reference for the grounds may not be the best measure to take when your party is struggling to reach Hispanics.

Patterson explained the basic test to determine if an event was appropriate to be held at the Alamo:

"But I submit to you there's one standard we should apply to gatherings here at this sacred cradle of Texas liberty and that is whether our activity and our purpose would be supported by those men who gave it all." - Jerry Patterson.  

Apparently a campaign for Lt. Governor on a hyper-partisan issue is on that list.

Here is the original story on Infowars.com and below is Alex Jones appearance at the "Come and Take It San Antonio" rally.

Here is a list of the folks who sponsored and spoke at the "Come and Take It San Antonio" rally:

Jerry Patterson -Texas Land Commissioner
Kathie Glass -For Texas Governor
Dwayne Stovall -Candidate for nomination for US Senator
Mike Vanderboegh -Founder of the THREE%ER movement
Murdoch Pizgatti -Founder of Come And Take It America
CJ Grisham -Founder of Open Carry Texas
Jay Stang -OathKeepers Texas President
Matt McCall -Running for Texas Congressional District 21
Stewart Rhodes -Founder of OathKeepers
Renn Bodeker - WWII Airborne Combat Veteran
Alex Jones -InfoWars.com

Event Sponsored By:
Texas Carry
GRAA Gun Rights Across America

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