The Lonely Turtle: Mitch McConnell's Anti-Minimum Wage Speech Attracts Precious Few Workers

Mitch McConnell visited the Briggs and Stratton factory in Murray, Kentucky this week, and according to WPSD, only 40 of the 1000 employees attended. Those dedicated whites Republicans were treated to a stump speech about how many jobs a minimum wage hike would cost everyone, which probably went over quite well with America's hardworking Average Joe. Polls say 7 out of 10 Americans are for a raise in the minimum wage, which leaves, oh, 40 factory workers in Kentucky against.

Despite the fact that it's clearly a pandering stop on a ceaselessly cynical campaign trail for McConnell, the plant manager insisted to WPSD that his invitation to the politician was "not about politics." One supposes he just really, really wanted to communicate to his workers that he doesn't want to pay them more than he has to.

Also puzzling: The same plant manager refused to allow the media inside for the meeting, despite an invitation to do so previously from McConnell's campaign staff.

So in case you're wondering if Republicans are unaware of how their views might look to the world outside, wonder no more. They know.

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