2013 CPAC on Taking Responsibility: Do as We Say Not as We Do!

Conservatives’ favorite battle cry, personal responsibility, is a glittering generality. A highly effective technique of propagandists and per Wikipedia, the emotionally appealing words are so closely associated with highly-valued concepts and beliefs that they carry conviction without supporting information or reason.

The latest indication of the CPAC darlings’ unwillingness to take any responsibility for the many “Tea Party one-term wonders” losing their seats in 2012 was apparent in Conservatism Hasn’t Failed; Republicans Have. One of the best indications of their arrogance is the statement: “We define culture; not the other way around.” Put another way, they have the illusion that the world revolves around them.

Jim DeMint claims the National Republican leaders have not advanced a conservative agenda for almost 20 years, yet they gave Bush-43 their support at every turn, on the Wars, Tax-cuts, Medicare Part D, on and on.


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