2012 Presidential Election. Barack Obama Versus Mitt Romney And The Democratic Party!

Key members of the Democratic Party are distancing themselves from Barack Obama. Why would they do this? Is it self preservation? Are they really Republicans at heart? Could it be their way of helping Mitt Romney defeat Barack Obama? Nevertheless prominent Democrats knowingly or unknowingly are sabotaging Barack Obama's 2012 presidential bid and it's hard for me to believe it's unknowingly.

We've wrote about these Republican suck-ups doing their best to help Mitt Romney get elected, Bill Clinton, Mayor Cory Booker (D-Newark, NJ), Democrat Harold Ford Jr,: Former Tennessee Rep., Artur Davis (D-AL), Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), Former Obama administration auto czar Steven Rattner and Former Pensylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

Now more Republican suck-ups are jumping on the bandwagon to help Mitt Romney get elected. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), Senator Jon Tester (D-MT), Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) and Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) are showing their love for the Bush-era tax cuts for the very rich and are distancing themselves from Barack Obama's efforts eliminate them.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) along with two of his Democratic pals, Rep. Nick Rahall II (D-West Virginia) and West Virginia Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin are boycotting the 2012 Democratic Convention. It seems they don't want to be seen with Barack Obama. Who knows? Maybe they'll go to the Republican convention.

If Barack Obama wins the 2012 presidential election, it will be in spite of the above listed Democrats and if Barack Obama Loses the 2012 presidential election, I feel, the above listed Democrats will be more than happy to work with Republicans to cut taxes for their rich pals and impose austerity on the rest of us.


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