Romney: Both President Obama and I Care - DNC: Half True

According to the Washington Post's Greg Sargent, Mitt Romney is pulling all of his existing advertising in favor of the ad below, which seems to be aimed at reversing the damage caused by Romney's "47 percent" remarks. In the ad, Romney says "President Obama and I both care about poor and middle-class families." Unfortunately, he can't quite seem to wipe a small smirk off his face throughout the one-minute spot.



The fact that Romney is putting so much emphasis on this message -- filming a one-minute ad and pulling his other advertising -- means he's in big trouble. His internal polling must agree with the many public polls that have shown a major backlash against his offensive assertion that 47 percent of Americans don't "care about their lives" and that his job is "not to care about those people." If you have to devote major resources to convincing voters that you do care about them, you've got a problem.

Unfortunately for Romney, the DNC has already prepared their own ad in response. It contrasts Romney's new ad with some of the things he's said throughout the campaign, reminding voters of exactly why he has to run his new ad in the first place. In ends with a brutal skewering of the Romney slogan: "Believe in (half of) America."




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