Romney Attempted To Defund MS Program as Governor

The list of items from 2003 that Gov. Romney disapproved of was astounding, but this one in particular I found extremely interesting considering his wife has the disease.

In July of 2003, a mere 7 months after taking office, Romney took out the hatchet. 


"(10) $162,368 for the MS PASS program, so-called, as previously established at the department of public health. Said funds shall be expended to maximize matching dollars to be used for services provided by the program as managed by the Central New England chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
[The Governor disapproved this item.]"

The list, which can be read in full at the link above is long and tiresome.  This specific line item is concerning to me and I have no idea why he would look to cut funding for a program to help people with MS, especially considering his own wife has the disease.  Perhaps he is specifically worried about his own wife's ability to fight the disease because of  their financial situation, who knows.

Some other in no particular order are,

Prostate cancer education, prevention and treatment program

Cervical/breast cancer benefits

Universal newborn hearing screening program

 Workforce Development

The budget can and should be read as a moral document as well as a financial document in my opinion.  Where you put you money, time and investments is where your heart is.  I think this says enough.

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