Poll: Little Bump for Republicans in Key Swing State Ohio


Convention appears to give slight edge to Romney and Josh Mandel in Ohio Senate race

Delegates cheer at the Republican National Convention, August 29, 2012 (Photo Credit: Carmen Russell-Sluchansky)

According to exclusive polling data, Mitt Romney received little to no post-convention “bump” following the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, last week. In Ohio, Obama’s previous lead over Romney of 45.3 percent to 44.4 percent has switched to a Romney lead of 46.8 percent to 43.7 percent. Although within the previous polls margin of error, the Republican convention appears to have given Romney a 2 point bump while taking 1 point from Obama. In the Senate race, before the Republican convention, Democrat Sherrod Brown held a narrow 43.6 percent to 41.4 percent lead over Republican Josh Mandel. Again, although within the margin of error, the post-convention poll gives Republican Mandel the advantage at 44.3 percent to 43.5 percent, representing a 3 point bump for Man del, while Brown’s take stayed basically constant.  Full results can be found here.


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