PA Governor Corbett Using Taxpayer Dollars for Voter ID Propaganda

As if it isn't bad enough that Pennsylvania Republicans disenfranchised 758,000 voters in order to elect Mitt Romney but now Governor Corbett has found $249,660 to use to persuade you it was a good idea.  Taxpayers are forking over $10 million to fix a problem which even Secretary of State Carol Aichele acknowledged doesn't exist.  None of these election fraud perpetrators can come up with a single case where a voter in the state has impersonated someone else at the polls.

House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) admitted the Voter ID law is simply a ploy to win the state for Mitt Romney.  This constitutes election fraud, a  far worse problem, and a real one, than voter impersonation.  Rigging elections is illegal.

Every county currently issues a voter identification document to every registered voter:  a government issued voter card.  Why is that not sufficient?  County elections services departments verify each voter registration application submitted and verifies the voter's identity.  The system works because not one Republican could identify a case of voter fraud during testimony on the bill.  Not one.

Meanwhile 758,000 Pennsylvanians do not have a state issued voter ID card with their photo.  These are predominently Democratic demographic voters:  young people, disabled folks, the elderly and the urban poor.  

The man who got Corbett's contract while teachers go on furlough, disabled people lose benefits and others are kicked off medical care and cash assistance, is Chris Bravacos, a GOP operative.  He has raised money for Mitt Romney and now will actively engage in propaganda to convince you he isn't actually working on a partisan election rigging scheme to get his man elected.  And you're paying him to do the job.

Meanwhile PennDOT has been charging voters for the ID cards which makes this a poll tax.  $10 million of critically needed tax dollars are allocated to pay for the ID's but it seems no one in Tom Corbett's told PennDOT about that.

Bush v. Gore stipulated that Florida's recount be suspended after the 2000 election because it might disenfranchise some voters.  Tom Corbett disenfranchised 758,000 Pennsylvanians when he signed this horrible bill.  Now lawsuits against it are popping up like weeds in the summer costing you more of your tax dollars.  This is what Republicans call fiscal conservatism?  Mike Turzai and Tom Corbett need to be arrested for election fraud.

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